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Fill out the form below to let us know your interests. Please state whether you would like to be a volunteer or an intern, and which program you are most interested in. We are very flexible, and want you to be able to pursue your own personal goals as well as support our Youth Programs. We have Summer volunteer group opportunities for those who wish to help us complete major projects or work with our k-5th summer programming. Friend's also has volunteer opportunities during the school year for people who wish to be tutors and mentors. 

Other Requirements: Individual liability agreement and media release form for every participant.

Please fill out the following Volunteer Request. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you  with further instructions or questions. Keep in mind that completing this request does not confirm your selection. Your group does not have an appointment until officially scheduled and confirmed by the Volunteer Coordinator. We look forward to helping your group find their fit with Friends of Refugees.

Our Internships include working as a counselor in the Summer Spectacular Camp, working as a youth mentor, teaching empowerment classes,  conducting research such as community needs assessments, or anything else you think of that will benefit the refugee community! 

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