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Service Leadership Program


I want to serve as a LIT because I want to help people out of the kindness of my heart. I want to be known as a person who helps, not hurts.
— LIT Summer 2018

Service Leadership Program

Our Service Leadership Program (SLP) seeks to empower refugee high school students to serve as agents of community change through volunteer service roles, professional development, and personal mentoring.

The Service Leadership Program’s History grew out of relationships with former campers who wanted to stay connected and give back at our summer camp for 1st - 8th grade youth. With an opportunity gap for consistent youth mentoring and volunteer service, we developed our high school leader program. In 2014, we welcomed the first high schooler as a volunteer in our camp. We have been overwhelmed with youth wanting to serve with Friends of Refugees within and outside of our program networks. In 2017, we expanded our volunteer and mentoring opportunities to include other program sites. In 2018, We look forward to 30-40 high school youth serving and leading through our summer leadership program.


Our Program Model includes engaging student service roles, personal mentoring and professional development for 8 weeks during the summer. Students receive up to a stipend for their service depending on attendance. Varying with their role, they serve 3-5 days a week and participate in mentoring and development opportunities 1-2 times each week. These opportunities include resume building, career exploration, character development, and overall holistic personal growth.
Our Program Goals are to cultivate empowered refugee youth, who are prepared to enter the workforce with work experience, professional references, a competitive resume, networking skills, social and cultural competency, and strong personal character.

Get Involved:

Our greatest needs for SLP are sponsorships of $500 each to cover the stipends for a summer's work as well as the cost of training materials, field trips, and enrichment opportunities. Donate towards a sponsorship or volunteer to teach professional development skills to our teens.