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The Van is a Blessing

To be successful working with youth in Clarkson, having transportation is key. More than giving us the ability to bring students to and from program time, a ride in a van provides the perfect environment for conversation, tradition and community building. In the vans is where we learn that we like the same music and get stuck in traffic with nothing better to do than talk to each other. The van is the perfect place to talk about traffic laws, why you wear a seat belt, and the rules of the road.

The other night, taking some teens home from after school, the driver and teens were so wrapped up in conversation that they forgot to turn on music, which is a pretty big deal around here. The driver returned the keys and commented on how pleasant it was to spend the evening taking them home. The next day, the kids told me how much they enjoyed talking with their driver and that they didn’t even mind that there was no music. To some, this may be dismissed or overlooked as simply a nice van ride. To us, it means the blossoming of friendship, something that we always celebrate.

Our program could never be as successful as it is without our vans, and not just because it takes us where we need to go.

Emily HutchinsComment