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Peek into the Future

Recently, there has been a unique opportunity to connect with a couple of individuals who grew up as refugee teenagers in resettlement cities. Sitting down with them and hearing their stories has been such a humbling and encouraging experience. I look at these people, and they are living the dream I have for our youth- to reach their fullest potential, to live a life they love, and to never forget where they came from. They tell me about how hard it was to be a teenager trying to keep up with grades, support the family, and fit in at school. They echo the same challenges and frustrations I see our youth facing. Both people I talked to, with hearts full of compassion, shared their desires to reach back and show the teenagers that they so identify with that it gets better.

I don’t know that I had anything to offer to these conversations, but for me it was affirming. They affirmed that what was most helpful for them as a youth was help keeping up at school, having non-family adults they could count on, and getting a break from all the family and school responsibilities. Both gave me hope that the work we are doing with out youth is worth it and pushing them towards gaining a future that they want for themselves.

After taking a look into the future, I can see just exactly how bright the future is for our students and I am so excited we get to be a part of their story.

Emily HutchinsComment