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It Takes a Village Pt 2

We have a high school youth who has been looking to get a job all semester. During after school, we helped him look up and print applications. We looked over the applications before he turned them in. We encouraged him to follow up when he didn’t get a phone call. When he got an interview, we took him to get interview appropriate clothes and drove him to his interview. We’re still waiting to hear back if he got it, but either way we are o proud of how much he has grown in the process. He took advantage of every service we had to offer him and all the people that are connected to him. Our little village had worked together beautifully to help this one reach his potential and master his goal to get a job.

It is truly a blessing and to be a part of a community of people that serve each other and look out for each other as well as the volunteers and students in Youth Programs.

Emily HutchinsComment