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Why Summer Camp?

When you think of Summer Camp what do you think of? Water games, silly songs, bonfires, smores, mosquitos, Chaco tans, skits, and tie-dye?

For us, Summer Camp is all those things as well as loud, busy, and chaotic. The phrase "herding cats" is often used to describe what it's like to work at camp. We have 120 campers, 15 volunteers, 20 junior counselors, and 10 staff to feed, entertain, and keep safe for 35 hot days. We eat, learn, sweat, yell, laugh, and run for 5 hours a day in the hot Georgia sun.

But really Summer Camp is so much more than coordinating people and playing with children.

Summer Camp is a place where you go for a little bit of time to escape from the world. It's a special place where strangers become best friends. Where you try things you never would before. Where peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taste better. Where you don't mind getting dirty. Camp is a place where for some reason you don't miss your phone. A place with a different definition of what it means to be "cool." It's a place that teaches you who you are and who you can become.

The reason we run camp is because embedded in every activity, even the down times, is an opportunity. An opportunity to speak worth to a kid who was picked last for a team. An opportunity to teach a new skill to someone, like how to throw a football. An opportunity to show what grace looks like, to look at the world from another point of view, to listen to someone who needs to be heard. Camp makes a difference in the lives of those who participate. Campers and staff alike leave camp every year with a new understanding about the importance of traditions, family, friends, and their own identity because at camp we don't let any opportunities pass us by.

We are proud to be camp people.

Emily HutchinsComment