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Welcome to the YP Family

Youth Programs (YP) empowers students to thrive through opportunities for academic support, social development and work-readiness skills through access to resources and relationships. There are two main activities that Youth Programs provides to the refugee community:

  • Summer Spectacular: We provide a safe space for more than 100 children during the summer and create a summer camp platform for building relationships. Our program includes academic support, recreation, job training, and character development.
  • After-school: Our program empowers nearly 100 Clarkston area students in a holistic way, providing opportunities for tutoring, athletics, and mentoring. What makes this effort unique is a year-round engagement plan connecting to the entire family, helping young people to ‘own they hyphen’ of being from one culture by heritage and in another by geography. We empower them to flourish by leveraging all the intelligence, ability and ambition they have been given to build this community up!

In YP, we have fun. We do life together. We celebrate each other's successes. We walk together through hardship and mistakes. We help each other achieve our goals. We are a family. Youth in Clarkston often navigate between two worlds, one where their families come from and where they are now. Youth determine at an early age who they want to be and what they want to become. Their early autonomy is both a strength and a point of vulnerability.

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