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One of the most important things to know about YP is that we are a family. It's a theme that you will see woven into most every story, quote, and picture that we post. If you've ever visited or volunteered with us, you probably get it. We have big ambitions for our youth and we want to do whatever we can to help them achieve the dreams they have for their lives. That's why we have homework time, mentorship opportunities, and chances to give back embedded into everything we program.

Family: an interdependent group of individuals who have a shared sense of history, experience, some degree of emotional bonding, and devise strategies for meeting the needs of individual members and the group as a whole.

In YP, we are a different kind of mix-matched family. The experiences and relationships we share are different. We are not tied together by genetics, marriage, or adoption. What we are is a group of people who love each other, fight for each other, and create traditions together.

We are family.

Emily HutchinsComment