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Be all you were created to be

This is a phrase made common by one of our previous Youth Directors. When one of the kids had made a bad decision or was misbehaving, he would remind them why they were created. He would tell them the story about how even the sparrows who could be sold for just pennies were loved and cared for by God. He would remind them that they were much more valuable than those birds. He would explain that being created in God's image meant that they didn't have to give in to temptation. They were created for more. They have the potential to make good choices and become a great person.

Words are powerful. Not all of our youth grow up in a home where they are told they have worth and potential. I'm thankful that YP is a place where words are used to build people up. It's so hard to reach your potential when you don't know it's there.

Never pass up an opportunity to remind someone to be all they were created to be. You never what it might mean to them.

Emily HutchinsComment