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It Takes a Village

It was a pretty average night at the Youth House. SAT class was in session and middle schoolers were working on homework. We get a very unusual knock on the door and find a group of about 7 kids standing on our front porch. They are all talking at once in Swahili and English. Eventually, we recognize four of them are from the elementary program across the street. They explain that they have brought a neighbor who is in middle school and needs help with her homework. They push her to the front of the group and all begin talking at once again. We thank them for bringing her over and tell them they can leave. As the 6 who escorted her to the house shuffle back out the door and across the street, it’s hard not to appreciate the community we are embedded in.

I’m sure they girl they pushed through our door was nervous. I’m sure that they convinced each other that it was true that they helped middle school students at the house across the street. I’m sure they didn’t really want to leave her by herself there. I’m also sure that they trusted us with their friend to help her and keep her safe while she was there.

In Clarkston, you don’t really have to be blood related to be family. You look out for your neighbors and friends. You share what you have and you try really hard to make sure you pay it forward. It really does take a village to raise a child. We are honored to be a part.

Emily HutchinsComment