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Kristopher Woods Tutoring


Will you play with me?
— KW Student 2018

Kristopher Woods Tutoring

For the past decade, Carla Goodmen and Lee Beth Burge have been dedicated to serving the children of Kristopher Woods Apartment Complex. They have rallied their friends and resources to make sure that kids have what they need to do well in school by providing homework help. Along the way, they have created lasting, meaningful relationships with families that go above and beyond the act of helping with students' homework. 

Friends of Refugees Youth Programs has joined Carla and Lee Beth in their vision for the youth of Kristopher Woods, working together so that we can see them thrive in elementary school and prepared for the challenges and opportunities that middle and high school bring. 

Who we serve:

We welcome kindergarten through 5th grade students living in the Kristopher Woods Apartment complex. Students come and are paired with a volunteer to help them with their homework, participate in enrichment activities, and receive a healthy snack. There is no program fee to participate but registration is required.

Where and When:

Kristopher Woods Apartment K6 Monday through Thursday from 4-6PM.

792 Jolly Ave S, Clarkston, GA 30021


There is no transportation for students as they live in the same apartment complex where the program is provided.

Get involved:

We always need supplies such as pencils, erasers, flash cards, books, and wide ruled notebook paper for our students to use. We always need more volunteers to serve once a week as a homework helper, working alongside our students while they complete their school work.