Youth Programs

Friends Youth Mentoring


I don’t know how to explain what we do, but who we are is easy. We are a family.
— FYM Student 2018

Youth Mentoring

Middle and high school are pivotal times for students as they prepare for the rest of their lives. Making sure you are doing well in school, taking the right classes, and setting yourself up for success after high school can be a scary thought by yourself- especially when you are also balancing helping your family at home and spending time with friends. 

In Friends Youth Mentoring (FYM) we seek to empower students to be all they can be by providing a safe and productive environment to focus on school work, opportunities to learn through classes and workshops, and mentors or coaches dedicated to meeting students where they are with the hopes of propelling them to where they want to be. 


Meeting in the Youth House Mondays through Thursdays for classes, tutoring, mentoring, and social activities, we are able to provide youth with a full spectrum of services in a warm, supportive setting. SAT/ACT prep, cooking classes, coding classes, STEAM, and art activities all provide students opportunities to learn more about what they are good at and what they have passions for. 

Get Involved:

We are always looking for supplies such as copy paper, ink, art supplies, and calculators to support students in their school work. We are also always looking for tutors, mentors, and career coaches who can dedicate at least 6 months to walking alongside a student to empower them to achieve their dreams.