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Who We Are


Every year, refugees are welcomed to the United States, carrying dreams of a better life and the desire to escape political, religious and ethnic persecution, or the violence of war within their home country. Clarkston, a small town in the Metro Atlanta area, is a vibrant and diverse community with people from many different paths living and sharing life with each other. Around 60,000 New Americans have started their journey in what New York Times Magazine calls “the most diverse square mile in America”.

Pat Maddox, a resident of Clarkston, saw how the community was changing. Together with her church, she began a journey of walking together with refugee families and providing support in tangible ways as they transitioned to life in America. In 1995, Friends of Refugees was established as people were drawn to the vision of abundant life in flourishing communities alongside our refugee neighbors. They used their areas of personal passion and compassion to create programs that serve as platforms for New Americans to seize opportunities while bringing them into relationships that will help them flourish.

In 2005, Friends of Refugees registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Since then, it has grown to six programs including Refugee Career Hub, Embrace Birth Support, Refugee Family Literacy, Jolly Ave Garden, and Start:ME Business Accelerator.

Youth Programs has grown from Ms. Pat leading summer activities in local apartment complexes to out-of-school time (OST) programming for around 300 k-12th grade youth each year focused on building academic, social, and work-readiness skills.



Biblical Justice & Compassion

Our work is propelled by God's priority for the poor and marginalized as expressed in the Old and New Testament. Though the directors of Youth Programs are followers of Jesus, we serve refugee youth and welcome volunteers of all faith backgrounds.


Our Team

Youth Programs Director

Annalisa Keipert

Annalisa grew up in Niceville, Florida and graduated from the University of West Florida in 2013 with her degree in social work. She has worked in different roles within the youth development field since 2007. She started volunteering with Friends of Refugees in 2014 and joined the youth programs staff in 2015. She loves learning from people with diverse life experiences and creating safe spaces for young people to lead, learn, and grow.

Fun facts about Annalisa: She is always down to share some queso with friends and thinks that bell bottoms are ridiculous.


Summer Camp Director and Youth Services Coordinator

Emily Hutchins

Emily grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia and graduated from UGA with her degree in human development and family sciences. She started volunteering with Friends of Refugees eight years ago, and has been on full-time staff since 2015. Emily is excited to share her love for Clarkston youth with staff and volunteers as the program grows and loves inspiring young people to make beautiful things through art.

Fun facts about Emily: She is an avid knitter and makes killer biscuits and gravy. We promise, ask her to make you some.


Middle and High School Site Coordinator

Mannie Otim

Currently a student at Georgia State University, Mannie got involved with Friends of Refugees as a student in our youth programs. After graduating, he joined our staff and supports our programming as the site coordinator for our 6th-12th grade youth mentoring program. To him, the most exciting part of his job is engaging with kids in the Clarkston community.

Fun facts about Mannie: His favorite snack is fruit gushers. He can juggle two balls, and he almost always has a flat tire on his car.


Kristopher Woods Site Coordinator

Laura Millican

Laura grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina and moved to Clarkston to attend Global Frontier Missions training school and received her degree in cross-cultural ministry in 2015. Living in Clarkston, she began volunteering and joined our staff in 2017. She now serves as our site coordinator for our elementary tutoring program. She is excited to see students holistically empowered from kindergarten to graduation, and believes that starting with the littlest students is a crucial part of that experience.

Fun facts about Laura: She’s obsessed with tacos in any form or flavor and is excellent at packing for a road trip.


Elementary Enrichment Coordinator

Camila Casaw

Camila is originally from Costa Rica and moved to the US to complete her degree in Music Therapy at Loyola University New Orleans. She moved to the Metro Atlanta area for a music therapy internship and found her way to the Clarkston community where she immediately felt at home. She started volunteering with Friends of Refugees helping with homework and music therapy. She hopes to continue building relationships and supporting our kids personal and academic growth through her role as the enrichment coordinator.

Fun facts about Camila: She is a happy vegetarian and her spirit animal is a deer.

Youth Advisory Council

- Mike and Amy Hutchins, College and Careers

- Lauren Tejkl, Healthy Food Experience and Education

- Marie Taylor, Program Outcomes

Chuck Shackelton, Communications

Adam Hoyt, Communications

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